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10 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Unicorn Lover in Your Life

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1. Candy Sparkle Unicorn Horn Original Size by Brooklyn Owl




Lightweight, super cute and guaranteed to turn heads as you trot down the street! A thin elastic headband is sewn onto the base of the horn perfect for very active unicorns. 

2. Sketch & Color Sparkle Art Set by NPW


Sparkly stationery, does it get any better? This classic Sketch & Colour art set contains 3 metallic pens, glitter stickers and a notebook. Just watch the creativity spill out of budding writers and illustrators.

3. Unicorn State T-Shirt - Girls


A crew-cut Collegiate style tee made of soft fabric for the little unicorns!

4.) Baby Unicorn Squishable


Unicorns are the national symbol of Scotland, not because they look great in plaid and like to toss a caber or two, but because of their strength and loyalty! While this particular Unicorn may be smaller in stature than his bigger brother, he packs the same bravery, heart, and derp in a smaller package! He actually does look great in plaid, but that's beside the point. 


5.) Unicorn Reversible Sequin Cross Body Bag



Swipe your hand across these pastel sequins and flip to a different color! 

6.) Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn Horn Original Size by Brooklyn Owl


Handmade in our Brooklyn studio, this Unicorn Horn is super cute, very lightweight, and guaranteed to turn heads as you trot down the street!

7.) Purple Sparkle Unicorn Horn Original Size


Do you want to be a unicorn? This magical Sparkle Purple Unicorn Horn Headband by Brooklyn Owl will get you pretty close! It is unisex and great for all ages. The horn is approximately 4.8" tall and 1.5" wide at the base. It is made from super sparkle fabric with a thin elastic headband - perfect for very active unicorns. 

8.) A Unicorn-Themed Party!

Gift the very special Unicorn in your life a once-in-a-lifetime experience - a Unicorn Birthday Party held at our Brooklyn, New York headquarters at Brooklyn Owl! Each party includes a unicorn art project, themed party decor, gift bags, set up and more! A must-have for any Unicorn as a birthday treat! 

Click Here to Book!

10.) Gold Sparkle Unicorn Horn Original Size by Brooklyn Owl



Glittery and golden, this handmade Unicorn horn stands out from the pack - this is truly a special, one-of-a-kind item for the unicorn who already has everything!

11.) Unicorn Snot by Fctry

Unicorn Snot Lip Gloss gives a smile extra sparkle with holographic, cosmetic grade glitter in this cotton candy-scented, non-sticky formula. Don't buy just one - try one in every color for high gloss shine!


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